Fumin Yang, a good friend of mine from undergrad, recently started a blog.   Originally a native of China, he had this to say on election day:

I personally don’t believe that the presidential election has the sole purpose of choosing an American President.   The United States is such a prominent figure on the world stage, in which direction this country is heading to will have direct impact on rest of the globe. When the US economical engine is running at full speed, other countries benefit too. I’d like to see an electoral college map based on the entire global population, and then see what kind of result we’ll be getting. […]

Don’t think having a new guy in the oval office will fix everything. He can only do so much. To turn this country around is a responsibility of every American people. Hope doesn’t come from Barack Obama, hope comes from thousands and millions of Americans who are eager to see change and willing to work together and work hard to make the change happen.

Agreed.   And the message of “yes we can” was the central tenet to Obama’s campaign.   This election wasn’t about him; it was about the power and willingness of the people to effect change.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Fumin!