ChannelWeb reports on the possibility of iPhone firmware 2.2 including something that has eluded iPhone and iPod touch users thus far:

Apple is set to release version 2.2 of the iPhone operating system on Nov. 21, according to a Greek language post in enthusiast blog iPhone Hellas.

In addition to a redesigned MobileSafari interface, the iPhone 2.2 update will reportedly add Google Street View, transit route information, walking directions and over-the-air podcast downloads, according to Gizmodo, which described iPhone Hellas as “consistently reliable.”

Gizmodo noted that because the 2.2 feature list hasn’t changed from previous beta versions, it’s possible that Apple could decide to sneak copy/paste into the 2.2 update, a development that could lead to a collective outcry of joy from iPhone users who’ve long been clamoring for this basic functionality.

If I only had copy and paste on my iPod touch, I could have written this post on my iPod with the copied and pasted quote from the article.   Sigh.   Seriously, though, how much longer do we have to wait?

(Nod: Patrick)