Here’s more on my November post about the new limousine for the inaugural parade from The Detroit News:

Spy shots of a test version of the new presidential limousine made the rounds on blogs this summer, with some suggesting it was built on GM’s medium-duty truck platform and had a diesel engine. But those photos didn’t have GM production panels.

Another company provides heavy armor that is reportedly at least 5 inches thick for the vehicle. The limousine also has run-flat tires, bulletproof glass and a completely sealed interior to ward off a chemical attack, among many other high-tech security features. It also has electronic communications equipment.

And this:

[GM spokesman David] Caldwell said it would be a mistake to classify the new vehicle as a truck or a sedan.

“The president is not riding in a medium-duty truck, nor he is riding in a sedan,” he said, adding that it is a “unique” vehicle.

Yeah, it’s not a truck or a sedan.   It’s a tank.   Just look at how thick the door is (!):

limo door

(Nod: Marc Ambinder)