This evening, I watched the latest Lost episode, titled “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.”   Another fantastic episode this season.   Below are some questions and observations I had about the episode.   If you haven’t seen the episode, STOP READING!


I was pleased to see that Locke asked questions like any realistic person not in a mysterious TV show would ask, like why should he trust Widmore and what Abaddon really did for Widmore.   None of the Oceanic Six bothered to ask Eloise Hawking who she was or why she knew about the Lantern Dharma station; they just let her do her thing.   Why not ask some questions, Jack?!

Who was the specialist Widmore flew in to “properly” set Locke’s leg?

Ben talked Locke down from killing himself because Locke had so much work to do, but when Locke mentioned Eloise, Ben kills Locke.   Why?   Was Locke not supposed to know about her?   Were they never to meet in person?   Or was this Ben’s plan the whole time, and Ben killing Locke was another instance of Ben doing something Locke was supposed to do himself?

When will we see Walt again? His story that he was “special” still hasn’t been resolved.

Ben said Widmore wanted to get back to the island. But if his crew (Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Frank, Naomi, and the Kahana crew) made it to the island, why doesn’t he already know how to get back to the island?

And as always, we had a few references to “the numbers”:

Helen died on April 8th; aka 4-8.

Widmore told Locke to dial 23 on the phone to reach him.

This season has been terrific so far, and I can’t wait for the next episode!