Last month, I finally caved and purchased an iPhone.   The device is everything I was hoping for and even more.

When the iPod Touches were launched in October 2007, I was quick to snatch one up.   I was in awe at the iPhone but was still in a Verizon contract.   Over the next year, many separate functions or utilities of mine merged with my iPod Touch.   For instance, carrying around my Touch meant I had my address book, calendar, note pad, grocery list, checking account register, unit converter, English dictionary, and Spanish dictionary/conjugator.   When I was in a wifi zone, I had The Google, The Facebook, The Wiki, and The Internets at my fingertips.

But even with these features, I still craved an iPhone for a couple reasons.   First, it was time for a new phone, and if I stayed with Verizon and bought some iPhone-wannabe, I knew I would be sadly disappointed and would constantly compare the phone with my iPod Touch and by extension the iPhone.   I knew another phone manufacturer couldn’t match the level of usability afforded in the iPhone and iPod Touch’s menus and interface.   Second, I wanted to rid myself of a device.   In my pockets everyday everywhere I went were my phone and my iPod Touch.   If I were to get an iPhone, I knew I would then only have to carry one device (and not have to keep two separate address books, too).   Finally, being a fan of gadgets and touchscreen technology, I think the iPhone is an uber-cool device not currently matched by any other similar device.

With all these thoughts in mind, I made the jump to AT&T and purchased an iPhone and I don’t regret a thing.

Now, not only do I have all the capabilities of my iPod Touch, I have so much more.   If I want to look something up on The Wiki, I can without having to find a wifi spot.   If I want to take a picture of something and upload it to Facebook, I can.   If I want to check the directions to my destination while I’m in the car, I can.

I thought with the constant connection to The Internets I might find myself distracted often, but I haven’t been distracted at the level I thought I might be.   But having that constant connection for when I have a random question (like how long does a pace maker last) satiates my incessant thirst for answers.

Another aspect of switching to an iPhone I worried about was having to reenter or lose data saved in apps on my iPod Touch, information such as my favorited and custom grocery items, my checking account register entries, and Safari bookmarks.   When I was moving through the setup process in iTunes, however, I had the option to restore my iPhone from an iPod Touch backup, so all of the app data saved on my iPod Touch was transferred to my iPhone.   Genius!

Overall, I am delightfully pleased with my purchase.   My iPhone is easily one of if not the best thing I’ve ever bought.