iphone os3

The Unofficial Apple Weblog, amongst others, reports on this coming Tuesday, 17 March, Apple will hold a media event to preview iPhone OS 3.0 software. Speculation has abounded as to what 3.0 might include. Here’s what’s on my wish list:

  • copy and paste: seriously, STILL not having this ability is both ridiculous and embarassing
  • background app support: some ability to run apps in the background; I hate using a radio app and then having to open my calendar or to-do list only to have the radio app close
  • Flash
  • turn-by-turn GPS directions
  • landscape Mail: viewing wide emails in portrait mode is painful; who likes to horizontally scroll?
  • more camera controls: how about focus modes (auto, distance, macro), white balance settings, exposure settings
  • consistent playlist-creation menus: when adding songs to a genius playlist, the alphabet scroll list is present on the right side of the screen (the list that enables you to touch a letter to jump to songs or albums beginning with that letter); when adding songs to an on-the-go playlist, the alphabet scroll list is not available, so trying to get to the end of the list is a pain
  • better way to organize apps: something like this
  • ability to change ALL the sounds on the iPhone: why can I change my ringtone and the new text message sound but not the new voicemail, new mail, etc. sounds?
  • ability to edit, delete, and save new playlists: this ability is available for genius and only the current on-the-go playlist; why not make it available to any playlist?
  • ability to change calendar colors: I liked the default iCal colors, but to keep consistent with the for-whatever-reason different calendar colors on the iPhone and iPod Touch, I changed my iCal colors to match
  • MMS: I’d like the built-in ability to send a picture to someone’s phone
  • animated scroll on super-long song titles: other iPods auto scroll the song title when it gets clipped because the title is too long to display in the space allotted; why not the iPhone, too?
  • video recording
  • search Mail
  • native dictionary/thesaurus: Mac OS comes with one; port it please

That all isn’t too much to ask, right?! :-)