Ars technica reports:

Skype might not be performing quite as well as parent company eBay would prefer a $2.6 billion acquisition to perform, but that hasn’t dampened worldwide enthusiasm for the VoIP service. Skype is so popular, in fact, that new numbers out from TeleGeography suggest that it has become the “largest provider of cross-border voice communications in the world.”

When I went to France last year, my parents and I used Skype to keep in contact.   For anyone traveling overseas and wishing to keep in contact with people here in the States, or for those who are here and wish to keep in contact with someone overseas, I highly recommend using Skype because the service is convenient and it’s FREE!.   Just download the free Skype application on your computer, setup your free account, and have the other party download and setup also, and you’re on your way to free audio and video chats.   Did I mention it was free?

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