Browsing The Internets in the age of pop-up ads was massively annoying.   Now that most ads get blocked and website advertisers know this, they, with the help of the websites they target, have moved their ads to the web pages, often cluttering page content and causing annoyances and distractions with their animated advertisements as they fight for your visual attention.   Enter Adblock Plus.

Adblock Plus is an extension for Firefox that does essentially what pop-up blockers do it blocks ads.   But instead of blocking external page ads, Adblock Plus blocks embedded page ads.

Once activated and your country chosen, Adblock Plus claims to block 99% of ads on every website you browse.   You can, however, chose to disable the blocker for a specific page or domain (other than webmaster testing purposes, not sure why you’d want to).

I installed Adblock Plus today, and I’m already amazed at the results.   You know those ads on Facebook?

facebook without adblock

Adblock removes them:

facebook with adblock

The New York Times with ads:

new york times without adblock

And without ads:

new york times with adblock without adblock

No more ads!: with adblock

Adblock Plus changes web-browsing experiences and allows actual page content to be seen and focused on.   Definitely a must-have Firefox extension!

(Nod: Lifehacker)