Walking past the cheese section of the dairy aisle this weekend at the grocery store, I discovered Kraft shredded cheese packaging was redesigned. On the left, the new design; on the right, the old design:

kraft shredded cheese new, old packaging

Here are two old-design packages:

kraft shredded cheese old packaging

Two new packages:

kraft shredded cheese new packaging

Larger shots of the new packaging:

kraft shredded cheese new packaging

kraft shredded cheese new packaging

kraft shredded cheese new packaging

On the Kraft Foods website, I could’t find any more information other than this short blurb:

Kraft Natural Cheese has always given you the highest-quality pure cheese taste. Now you can get the same Kraft Natural Cheese you love in an exciting new contemporary package that puts the focus on freshness. We’ve even freshened up our on-pack recipes to offer great new ways for your family to enjoy delicious Kraft Natural Cheese. Look for our new package in your grocer’s dairy aisle now.

Another fine and successful redesign job for Kraft Foods following the Wheat Thins and Toasted Chips redesigns. In the old shredded cheese packaging, the packages for each cheese variety followed the same basic template, but typefaces and other design elements were wildly disparate. With this new packaging, however, the several cheese varieties now coexist in the same design with only slight modifications to differentiate the types of cheeses.

Showing something of a product before-and-after on the packaging is an interesting treat. We see the cheese on the packaging as chunks before it is shredded and through the packaging as the shredded end product.

One quibble I have is that the colored rectangle carrying the text of the cheese type seems mis-aligned, and if it were aligned with the white vertical rectangle carrying the chunks of cheese photography, I think the packaging would be visually stronger overall. I mocked this up (don’t mind the Photoshop skills here, I did this quickly):

kraft shredded cheese packaging tweak

Overall, though, the new packaging compared to the old packaging is cleaner and more unified across all the cheese varieties Kraft offers. To see another major brand shift toward simpler design is exciting. If this trend contiues in the Kraft Foods family, I can’t wait to see what’s next.