I’ve done much commentary on packaging redesign lately, but this past weekend I used several of the products I’ve blogged about. My happy family of packaging (taken with an actual camera and not my iPhone like my grocery store product shots):

redesigned packages

How did I acquire these packages you ask (ok, you probably didn’t ask that, but I’m going to tell you anyway)? Since the launch of the then-new Tropicana packaging, I’ve purchased Tropicana orange juice, so I always have a carton in my refrigerator. A coworker of mine drinks Diet Pepsi, and at lunch one day, I commented how much I liked the Pepsi rebrand and specifically the Diet Pepsi can, so he brought me a can. Finally, this past weekend, I made a taco dip. The dip is topped-off with shredded cheese, and I needed nacho chips for dipping, so naturally I decided to buy Kraft shredded cheese and Baked! Tostitos because of their new packaging.

So if the aim of the packaging redesign was to get casual shoppers like me drawn to the products, I suppose the redesigns succeeded.

Shots of the individual packages:

redesigned tropicana carton

closeup of redesigned tropicana carton

redesigned diet pepsi can

redesigned kraft shredded cheese package

redesigned baked! package