I don’t know where I found this website, but the satire and good-dental-hygiene message is terrific:

joe biden's teeth

I assume Trident gum has something to do with the site as they (for a limited time only) sent people a pack of gum for submitting to the site a photo of a smile.   The site is designed by and the domain registered to Eight Bit Studios.

All around the site are funny (haha) tidbits like this one:

Joe knew Scranton high would not be easy on his teeth. With all the vending machines, cafeteria food and bake sales, high school wasn’t going to get him a plaque on the wall but plaque on his teeth. Joe extended his reach across lunch room tables, shook hands with the cavity ridden and vowed to change America.

And this:

Joe Biden is not affiliated with joebidensteeth.com, but we bet his teeth love it.