I was first introduced to someecards a couple years ago by a friend in grad school (thanks Gloo!), but I was recently reminded of them by a CNN article highlighting funny-haha websites.   Someecards are like your normal ecards, but the sayings on their ecards are part-funny and part-biting-satire with a healthy dose of inappropriateness thrown in and an occasional sprinkle of political wit.

From their website:

Someecards.com is possibly to probably the best site on the Web for free, funny ecards. We have greeting cards for every occasion-from important to utterly pointless. Send greetings for apology, birthday, baby, breakup, congratulations, encouragement, farewell, flirting, friendship, get well, sympathy, thanks, thinking of you, wedding, workplace, and holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We suggest you e-mail them to friends, family, coworkers, loved ones, liked ones, and anyone else with fingers.

This one from Independence Day:

someecards independence day

This one from around Michael Jackson’s, Farrah Fawcet’s, and Ed McMahon’s death (not to mention the world events the ecard speaks of):

someecards celebrities

This one is a popular birthday ecard:

someecards birthday

This one a popular workplace ecard:

someecards workplace

This one from last year’s presidential election:

someecards daughter

This one from a recent Appalachian Trail hiking trip:

someecards governor

And finally this one about Obama:

someecards obama