Last August, Stop & Shop unveiled a new identity:

stop and shop logo

Curiously, though, none of the store-brand items in either of the two Stop & Shop stores I stop and shop in adopted this new branding.   I don’t know if other stores in more heavily-shopped areas adopted the new branding sooner, but finally this week, when I was milk shopping, I noticed the Stop & Shop milk jugs were rebranded (old design on the left, new on the right):

stop and shop milk jugs

Here’s a closeup of the new label:

stop and shop milk jug

The cartons have been redesigned as well:

stop and shop milk cartons


stop and shop milk cartons

A quick check on the other Stop & Shop items in the dairy case yielded one more find:

stop and shop dips

The new packaging finally makes use of the Stop & Shop rebrand, and the simplification and unification of the visual elements on the packaging offer a greater sense of visual unity and cohesion with the brand.

I hope this cohesion is extended to their line of shredded cheese because it’s a mess:

stop and shop shredded cheese

…as compared to this:

kraft shredded cheese