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In keeping up with my master plan of taking a road trip each month, I traveled to Boston, MA for the first time this month. Given my enjoyment of American history, I decided to spend the day walking the Freedom Trail downtown. What a fantastic and historic journey.

View from Boston Common:

boston common

Park Street Church:

park street church steeple

Massachusetts State House:

massachusetts state house

Granary Burying Ground:


…home of Samuel Adams:

sam adams

Paul Revere:

paul revere

…and John Hancock:

john hancock

Pennies were left at each of their graves, but I haven’t found a solid explanation of why:


Here’s Paul again:

paul revere

The Old South Meeting House:

old south meeting house

The Old State House, near the site of the Boston Massacre:

old state house

Paul Revere’s house:

paul revere house

The Old North Church, where the two one-if-by-land-two-if-by-sea lanterns were hung, and a statue of Paul “The British Are Coming” Revere:

old north church

old north church

Inside the church:

old north church

For a fee, you could take a guided tour of the Freedom Trail (I didn’t). The tour guides were dressed appropriately:


Battle of Bunker Hill Monument (although technically the battle took place on Breed’s Hill):

bunker hill monument

294 steps up the monument gets you this view of Boston:


The monument again:

bunker hill monument

Many streets on the trail were lined with gas lamps. Here’s one with the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in the background:


One of things about the Freedom Trail I enjoyed was that the entire trail is marked by a continuous, two-row line of bricks. Following the bricks leads you to all the stops on the trail, and each stop is identified by a bronze marker:


Here, the trail is delineated from a bricked sidewalk:


And here, the trail crosses the road:


And here’s me following the red-brick trail:


I’ve you’ve been on the Freedom Trail, you will have noticed something is missing from my photo essay.   More on that missing something in the next installment.