So I’ve been absent for some time.   I became busy with work and personal projects and needed some time away from the blog.   But I’m back with many photo updates.

I’m currently on a road trip I’ve named my “America: F**k Yeah! Road Trip.”   A very good friend of mine from undergrad was getting married on the coast in North Carolina, and my sister recently moved to Charlotte, NC, so instead of flying, I decided to drive after I Googled my routes and discovered all the American historical treasures I could experience along the way.

So, last Thursday, I left CT bound for Charlotte, NC.   My first day took me through Gettysburg and Antietam Civil War battlefields as well as Shenandoah National Park.   After a few days visiting my sister, I set out for Topsail Island on the coast of NC, where I currently am.

What will follow in the next several days is a photographic journey of my adventure thus far and continuing to the present.

To start, I present you the seven state signs I passed on my eight-state drive on Thursday (the first one, I promise, says New York, but I missed it).

state signs

My tentative route takes me to Gettysburg battlefield, Antietam battlefield, Shenandoah National Park, Charlotte NC, Topsail Island NC, Cold Harbor battlefield, Chancellorsville battlefield, Manassas battlefield, a few nights in Washington DC, Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Trenton NJ where George Washington crossed the Delaware, and Liberty State Park in NJ overlooking the Statue of Liberty.


Stay tuned!

My “America: F**k Yeah!” Road Trip: