And now for part two of my Washington DC photos from my road trip.

I loved the ceiling and the perspectives offered by the DC Metro:

dc metro

Flag above the Department of the Treasury building:

treasury department

North portico of the White House at night:

white house

I saw this device on the south gate of the White House grounds.   I’m curious what might have happened if I pushed the button:

white house

South lawn of the White House:

white house

Lafayette Park just north of the White House:

lafayette park

The eternal flame at John F. Kennedy’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery:

eternal flame


eternal flame

Brothers (Bobby, Jack, and Teddy):


A sea of white:


The U.S. Constitution at the National Archives:


The Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial:

washington from jefferson

The U.S. Capitol, glazed with rain water:


I only spent two days in DC, but I probably could have spend two weeks there.

My “America: F**k Yeah!” Road Trip: