Matt Damon Rocks

Who knew Matt Damon could sing and dance.

Update: Some back-story video clips via Coming Soon:

During the third season of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the host started closing his shows with, “Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time,” even though the actor was never scheduled to come on the show. Damon finally appeared as a guest in September of 2006, but after a lengthy introduction by Kimmel, the actor sat down and Kimmel said they ran out of time which “infuriated” Damon. Kimmel then sent Guillermo, his sidekick, to the red carpet at the Ocean’s 13 premiere, and also “bumped” Damon from The Bourne Ultimatum by putting Guillermo in the role. On Thursday (1.31.08), it was payback time for Damon, as Sarah Silverman (Kimmel’s real-life girlfriend) showed a clip on the show featuring a song with Damon.

Happy Life Day

Star Wars Holiday Special in five minutes!

“I Have a Wide Stance”

(Nod: The Daily Dish)

Holy Hell


Paul Potts’s “Britain’s Got Talent” audition:

A Good Laugh

This Family Guy clip is loaded with humorous references, from Top Gun to airplane pilot and safety announcements to Star Wars to President Bush on September 11th. Check it out!

“Darkness Falls Across the Land”

Apparently I have some subconscious cult attraction to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Second post in a week! The first was the prison reenactment. This time it’s Legos.

I love YouTube.

Color-Changing Card Trick

Can you figure it out? It flew way over my head.

(Nod: The Daily Dish)

A New Way to Fight Crime?

I heard about this, but I hadn’t seen this until today. Perhaps if the prisons in the US employed this tactic there would be far less people incarcerated. Just a thought.


“Warm Out Today”

In 1979 and 2002, Phoenix had a record 28 days of 110° or more. Well as of yesterday, this year we’ve had 30!

Reminds me of a quote from “Family Guy”:

What a Wonderful Video

President Gore

Gotta love people who can make fun of themselves and have a good time doing it.

Dirty Talk



These recut trailers work the best when the new version is so drastically different from the actual film. This one’s still one of the best.

“Scary Mary”

Time to lighten things up a bit around here. You thought Mary Poppins was a sweet, charming lady? Think again.

“Not Right Now, Condi. We’ll Play Later.”

I’m not really a Will Ferrell fan, but this is absolutely brilliant.

Liberals and God-less tax-raisers are trying to make me look bad by using such things as “facts”…. Think back to Biblical times…it was hot back then. Why do you think Adam and Eve were naked?