This week I lost another important person in my life: my other grandpa. Both grandpas now this year. I’m so grateful he’s been in my life for so long and for all the happy memories with him and of him.


He was often a goofball, and always caring to his grandkids, and I’m so thankful to have spent so much time with him. Though I don’t know how it originated, his name for me was “Chewie” as in Chewbacca. I wish I could hear him exclaim it one more time.


Growing up, we sometimes would play hide-and-seek where he would hide us and someone else (my grandma for instance) would come find us. He was the hide-and-seek champion and would find the most obscure places around the house to hide us.

Please spare a thought for my grandma who was fortunately able to be with him in his final days. They were together for 64+ years.


When I call on Sundays, my grandma usually answers. But a couple weeks ago, my grandpa did because he said she was snoozing on the couch. Though it was only for a brief time, I’m so glad I got to chat with him one more time.

I think about this Wait But Why post a lot & the important people in my life:

“If you’re in your last 10% of time with someone you love, keep that fact in the front of your mind when you’re with them and treat that time as what it actually is: precious.”

As when I lost my other grandpa earlier this year, I can’t be with my family because it isn’t safe to travel and be with them. We can’t be together, grieve together, laugh together, heal together. That makes all this so much more painful.

The president’s absolute failure to take Covid seriously and take action to control it has robbed us all of precious time with family and friends. When it’s finally safe to be with them again, cherish that time together.

(Please don’t travel for Thanksgiving and don’t gather with people outside your household. I know it’ll be hard. I know it’ll suck. It’s just not safe to do right now. We can celebrate next year. You aren’t canceling time with family and friends you’re just postponing it.)

Until I can be with my family again, at least we can FaceTime and help each other through everything and recount our favorite stories with everyone. I’m grateful for that.

And I’m grateful for all the time I had with both my grandpas. Thank you both for the laughs, warmth, and happy memories. I hope you’re once again fishing together on the other side. I miss you both very much.