“Save a Pretzel for the Gas Jets”

Bad Lip Reading takes on Rick Perry and Barack Obama. Brilliant.

The Six Ways You’ll See Your Dad

Mariachi Whale

Who doesn’t love a Mariachi band?

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“U as in Eunice”

…or why you should hide your phone from yourself when you plan on drinking.

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She’s Always a Woman

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Raiders of the Lost Ark: 1954, 1981, 2008

After seeing that awesome original trailer for The Empire Strikes Back last month, I poked around for one of my other favorite 80s flicks: Raiders of the Lost Ark.   Not only did I find the original 1981 trailer, I found two other great videos.

Here’s the 1981 Raiders trailer:

Here’s a remade Raiders trailer from 2008. EPIC:

And finally, here’s user whoiseyevan‘s 1950s version of Raiders featuring all the influences and inspirations of the film:

Why So Serious, Woody?

The Dark Knight trailer audio + Toy Story video = Awesome.

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Who You Gonna Call?

Improv Everywhere takes over the New York Public Library.   Back off, man.   I’m a scientist.

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The End

Via /Film, here’s a holy-shit, fan-made trailer for the series finale of LOST tonight.

Dude, That’s One Son of a Bitch, Brotha

Signature phrases by LOST characters.





Betty White is Awesome, cont.

Betty White was terrific last night on Saturday Night Live. Her “Delicious Dish” segment was on par with Alec Baldwin’s. “If it’s one thing I’m known for, it’s my muffin.”


A Galactic Odyssey Against Oppression

The original trailer for The Empire Strikes Back, featuring a voice-over from everyone’s favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder. What a treat. I want to see this movie now!

The Difference 40 Years Make

Via The Daily Dish, here’s the “Internet” in 1969:

1969 technology, meet 2010 technology:


How do you like them Apples?

The last 50-ish years have been remarkable period of human achievement.   Look at the entire timeline of human existence and then look at the last 50 years or so.   At no time in human existence has technology not just electronic/computer technology advanced so rapidly and so robustly.   Truly remarkable.


The 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes:

Yes We Can! Hell No You Can’t!

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More Chat Roulette Piano Improv

Ben Folds, impersonating his impersonator, signs into Chat Roulette during a concert and serenades the people he meets.   Amazing:

Here again is his impersonator.   Also amazing:

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Chat Roulette Piano Improv

Fantastic stuff:


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Oscar Wrap-Up

My predictions were 62.5% correct. I scored 15/24 and tied my coworker in the contest. He won on the tiebreaker, but has graciously decided to give me the prize anyway. So thank you, @nagle!

Two Oscar-related videos here. The first one says thanks:

(Edit: video removed from YouTube.)

And the second is “a trailer for every Academy Award winning movie ever”:

(Nod: The Daily Dish for both)

Alternate LOST Titles FOUND, ctd.

Add this one to my list from the weekend:


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Alternate LOST Titles FOUND

Some very creative people cut new LOST title sequences in the style of other TV shows.

Full House:




The Office:

That 70s Show:


The Wonder Years:

“Tag, You’re It”

From Funny or Die, President Obama is visited by past presidents trying to convince Obama to fight for the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. All-star cast and directed by Ron Howard:

A CFPA overview from the LA Times:

The core idea behind the proposal, supporters say, is to pull together consumer oversight powers that are now scattered among various agencies, and to put consumer interests where they should be much higher on the priority list than they were during the years leading up to the housing and credit bubble and bust.

Along with something else, a consumer protection agency is an area where we lag behind of other Western nations.

Embrace Life

A simple, moving PSA urging you to always wear your seat belt.

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The T-Shirt War

Awesome stop-motion:

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A Reflection on a Movie Cliché

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