Perfect Strangers

I recently stumbled upon this fan-made Seattle version of the Perfect Strangers opening sequence.   Terrific work:

(Nod: TV Series Finale)

The Golden Girls are Clueless?

Back in 1995, Golden Girls Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, and Betty White did a parody of Clueless for the MTV Video Awards.   Last night, I stumbled upon this treasure for the first time.   If you enjoy the Golden Girls, you’ll enjoy this:

“A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything”

An impressive flip-book project by Jamie Bell:

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“I’m Sure the System Can Be Frustrating.”

If air travel worked like the health care system.   In this context, I’m amazed that we tolerate such a disgustingly broken and inefficient system.

(Nod: The Daily Dish)

Open Your Eyes, Look Up to the Sky and See…

This sensational interpretation of Bohemian Rhapsody by the Muppets.   Amazing!


For my fellow current or former Clevelanders:

(Nod: Tim)

Fighting Dirty

…in Scrabble.   How to win (and possibly lose friends, or at least make them want to never play with you again):

Curious, the first word I played in an iPhone Scrabble game I started yesterday with a friend was “DIRTY” for 26 points. And then he played a ‘Q’ on my ‘I’ for 21 points.   Hah.

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Apple on Apple: Great, Really Cool, and Awesome

Adjectives used at the recent Apple Music Event:

Cross-Country Time-lapse

Our camera takes 1 exposure every 10 seconds, as we drive from San Francisco to Washington D.C.

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Two If By Sea-S-P-N

This commercial debuted last week and is easily one of the funniest, most intelligent “This Is SportsCenter” commercials yet:

I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as much had I not recently road-tripped to Boston and been at the Old North Church.

Fun with Infomercials

(Nod: DA)

“At Least I Have Chicken”

One of my favorite YouTube videos.   So many quotable lines here that are good for “repeating, of course.”   Some language NSFW.

Yang, Can You Play Like This?

Making the Kessel Run in Under Three Minutes

A Tribute to John Williams

A friend of mine sent this video to me knowing how much I enjoy the work of John Williams.

For your enjoyment, “Star Wars” by moosebutter:

(Nod: Corey)

Western Spaghetti

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2008: Year in Review

JibJab’s annual report:

Here’s 2007.

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

Faces of History

(Nod: DemConWatch)

America Gets Rickrolled

I’m a little late, but it’s too good not to post it anyway.   My parents were watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, and:

I was within listening distance of the TV and exclamed, “ah, they got rickrolled.”   I had to explain what rickrolling is.   How awesome was the parade, though.   All of America got rickrolled by a live Rick Astley.

I still love this clip, too John McCain gets Barackrolled:

Joe Bethersonton from Fargo, ND

My parents, visiting for the long weekend, were watching one of the network morning shows today, and a representative from the Butterball Hotline was on the show.   I was happily reminded of this string of scenes from The West Wing:

Synchronized Debating

Please may we have debates that don’t devolve into recitations of talking points?

“I Deserve the Right to Party with Putin”

A presidential debate remix:

Wassup? Change.

Remember these guys?

They’re back:

(Nod: Americablog)

Super Lego Mario

I love YouTube. :-)