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Henrik Eneroth reimagines the web browser in the era of widescreen monitors and fullscreen apps:

Of course, screen sizes do still mat­ter when browsing the web. Since many web sites will be longer than your screen is tall, the less user inter­face we put vertically, the bet­ter. But most screens today are widescreens, so why are we not put­ting the left- and right-hand sides of the screen to better use, instead of for­cing everything into a bar on the top of the window?

His solution:


(Via Cameron Moll)


espn creative services layer tennis

This week, the ESPN Creative Services department held a development day giving employees opportunities to share, learn, and develop new skills, techniques, or ideas. One of the sessions was an all-day creative development session called “Layer Tennis.”

Layer Tennis mashes-up the excitement of organized competition with the skill and precision of graphic design. Participants volleyed with an opponent throughout the day using Photoshop and wit as their equipment. If you haven’t seen the real Layer Tennis, check out Coudal Partners

The ESPN Creative Services Layer Tennis proved equally creative, funny, witty, and full of smack-talk.

Check out all four matches:

(Image by Justin Linde in Match 1)

Dean Walton’s “Oscar Nominated 2011” Posters

…are beautiful.

Dean Walton the social network poster

Dean Walton True Grit Poster

Check them all out here.

(via /Film)


Everynone’s original video:

…and their follow-up using only clips from YouTube:

(via Devour)


Sarah Biermann, Torsten Strer, Felix Meyer, and Pascal Monaco simplify 35 movies into their most basic visual representation and pack them into a slick, two-minute motion graphics piece. Brilliant:

How many did you recognize?

(via /Film)

The Island

If only our favorite LOSTies had one of these from cartographer Jonah Adkins:

lost island

Check out the full-sized version. And order yourself a copy here.

(Via FlowingData)

Olly Moss

Using three colors and a minimal approach, Olly Moss created a posters for each of the films scheduled for the 2010 Rolling Roadshow tour.  Terrific work.  Check them all out here.

Olly Mosss Dirty Harry

(Via Daring Fireball)

Ghosts of World War II

Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov has captured ghosts of World War II haunting the present-day world.   Well sort of.   Larenkov overlayed and blended WWII photos onto modern-day photos of the same location and perspective producing a hauntingly powerful result:



Stunning.   Check out his entire collection here.

(Via Core77 via Gizmodo)

GOOOOOLden Graphics

I’ve talked about the music of ESPN’s World Cup coverage, but what about some of the graphics?   Motionographer recently posted a montage of Prologue’s graphics package for ESPN.   Great stuff.   Check it out!

prologue espn

Waiting for Superman

Watch this.   You won’t be disappointed.

Created by the people at Buck who were also behind those fantastic Sherwin Williams paint chip commercials here and here.

(Via: Nagle)

AT-AT Day Afternoon

In case you haven’t seen Patrick Boivin’s “AT-AT Day Afternoon” yet, check it out. Terrifically well-done and cute idea.

A World of Paint Chips, Part 2

Buck recently released their second Sherwin Williams paint chip spot.   Another beauty, just like their first.   (And a third is on its way.)

(Via: Motionographer)

A World of Paint Chips

I saw this Sherwin Williams yesterday for the first time.   Very well done.

The Conception of Wine

School project of Tiago Cabaco:

(Nod: FlowingData)

100 Pixar Characters

A terrific infographic from Chilean graphic designer Juan Pablo Bravo charts the heights of 100 Pixar characters.   Very well done.


(Nod: /Film)


Celestial tones or what the planets would sound like if they were a music box.

solar system music box

(Nod: Information Is Beautiful)

No Avatar-me? Then Avatar-yourself

Back in January, I wondered why there was no web-app that transformed a photo you upload into a Na’vi character from Avatar.   While I still haven’t found one (although I really haven’t been looking), I did find these fantastic instructions to Photoshop yourself as a Na’vi.   The example the author walks you through creates a Tom Cruise avatar:

tom cruise avatar

And via /Film, here’s Shrevatar:


What Are People Really Buying Online?

Terrific infographic from Permuto.   Click for full graphic.

online sales

(Nod: GOOD)



This short film by H5 is nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the Oscars on Sunday.   “Amazing” doesn’t begin to describe the creative achievement in LOGORAMA.

In a world made up entirely of trademarks and brand names, Michelin Man cops pursue a criminal Ronald McDonald.



Watch the video (contains profanity):

Big thanks to Jon Nagle for showing me this!

Olympic Pictograms

Steven Heller discusses:

(Nod: The Daily Dish)

The State of the Internet

A very informative motion graphics piece:

(Nod: GOOD)

Green Screen on the Small Screen

(Nod: The Daily Dish)

The Sand Pit

Awesome tilt-shift of New York City by Sam O’Hare:

I tried this with some of my photos once. Cool effect.

Does The Google Ski Jump, Too?

Google Maps have hit the slopes.   You can now see ski slopes in Street View.

You can check out the Olympic slopes in Vancouver, too.   I think my favorite part of this new feature is the little character you drag along the map to see Street View.   In normal maps, he looks like this:

street view normal

But on the slopes, he looks like this:

street view skiing

Nice touch, and another great feature from The Google.

Record Tripping

The Favourite Website Awards site of the day today: Record Tripping.

record tripping

To play different games, you use your mouse’s scroll wheel (or trackpad) like you would scratch a record.   Very inventive and beautifully designed and executed.   This kind of stuff makes me jealous.