…otherwise known as winter sucks.   Or happy first day of winter for me.

Winter Storm Austin yes, they name their winter storms in Connecticut like hurricanes and tropical storms; they even get special graphics on the news:

winter storm austin

Anyway, Austin moved through New England on Friday dumping about 8.5 inches where I am.   Last night and today, Winter Storm Brooke is adding a few more inches.   And the snow may have some freezing rain mixed in later today and tonight.   Awesome.   I love winter.

I went to the grocery store earlier, but that probably wasn’t the best idea in the world given the road conditions.   But at least today I didn’t get stuck at two intersections like I did Friday evening returning from work.

I’m up to just over 10 inches of snow:


My footprint, err, leg print, I guess:


And here’s a play on my favorite beach/feet pictures, but not as fun for me.   I’d rather have my feet in the sand:


These cars haven’t moved in a few days.   Smart people:


Somewhere here, there’s a road:


Ahh winter, how I love thee:


So what if the summers in the desert were unbearable.   At least in the winter you don’t have to clean your car off several times a day because there’s no such thing as scraping sunshine off your car….