Here is an update in my ongoing interest keeping up with Washington’s constitutional shenanigans.

Back on 19 December I wrote about then-Senator Hillary Clinton officially receiving a Saxbe Fix to, according to Congress, make her eligible to become a cabinet secretary.   In the same post, I mentioned then-Senator Ken Salazar needed a fix as well.   Unknown to me until this morning, Congress passed Senate Joint Resolution 3 (S.J.Res.3) on 7 January 2009 making Salazar eligible for his cabinet post.

I also mentioned Representative Hilda Solis needed a Saxbe Fix to become the secretary of labor.   Thus far, there has been no fix for her, and she still has yet to be voted on by the Senate.

Finally, I wrote then-Representative Ray LaHood needed a fix as well, but I was mistaken: he retired from Congress and thus was not reelected.   With his term expiring at the end of the previous Congress, he is safe from Article I, Section 6.

So here’s to yet another Saxbe Fix and a debate on fixing the Saxbe Fix.