If you’ve been around here long enough, you already know my disappointment with the decision by Tropicana to, what I call, un-design their juice cartons.   I’m very upset at the abandonment in favor of blah design.   Critics charged that the new design was “generic.”   Again, the new design:

tropicana carton

But a quick look at four other carton designs, including the old (new?) Tropicana design, really shows how generic orange juice carton design is:


The Tropicana redesign actually made the cartons stand-out more because they didn’t look like every other orange juice carton.   But because the designers went for a simpler and more elegant design and execution, people cried “generic.”   Were the new designs perfect?   No, they weren’t, but instead of simply trashing the designs, why not modify them to placate the masses?   How about a hybrid of the two designs?   Ugh, how frustrating.

tropicana before and after

tropicana cartons

tropicana on the shelf