With the Oscars coming up this weekend, time to once again trot out my I-wish-it-were-an-Oscar-category category. A song during a film’s title sequence can be nominated for an Oscar, but the title sequence itself cannot.

In other words, there should be an Academy Award for Best Title Design.

Makeup artists, film editors, and song composers receive awards for their artistry, but creators of title sequences are overlooked by the Academy.

Who amongst the many great title sequences of 2012 could be nominated? Here are my nominees:

The Avengers
Designed by: Method Design
Watch it.

Beauty is Embarrassing
Designed by: Neil Berkeley
Watch it.

Designed by: Raleigh Stewart
Watch it.

Silent Hill Revelation
Designed by: Kook Ewo
Watch it.

Designed by: Daniel Kleinman
Watch it.

Since I’m picking nominees, I might as well pick a winner, too. The Oscar goes to… Daniel Kleinman for Skyfall. This was Kleinman’s sixth Bond title sequence. As usual, he takes a central aspect of the film and constructs a magnificent title sequence around it using ideas and imagery from the film. The striking images, the driving forward motion, and the superb connection to the film make Kleinman’s title sequence this year’s best.

For more kick-ass title sequences, check out my Letterboxd list of some of the most outstanding title sequences for film.

Now, if we could only find out who wins for Best Title Design on Sunday….