(I tweeted all this earlier, but I’m including it here too.)

In the preamble of the Constitution are the words “promote the general welfare”. Why doesn’t health care count toward that?

Why should Americans have to worry about getting sick and not being able to afford health care? Why should Americans have to chose between treating illness or buying food and paying rent? Why should Americans not be free to quit their jobs and start their dream business without fear of losing their insurance? Why is single-payer Medicare acceptable for Americans 65 and older but not for Americans 64 and younger?

Health care should be alongside public schools, libraries, roads and highways, and police and fire protection. All things that promote the general welfare. All things that we don’t have to think about—worry about—being around or being able to afford.

We don’t worry whether or not the fire department will come if our house catches fire. Why do we have to worry whether or not treatment will come if we get sick?