iPhone X

You all weren’t kidding how crazy good iPhone X is. The device—especially the screen—is simply marvelous. Here are a few initial thoughts:

I don’t miss the home button. The swipe gesture is far superior. I just wish Control Center were integrated into that gesture. (Perhaps Control Center could be activated by continuing the swipe up gesture past activating the app switcher.)

Face ID is magic. I keep expecting there to be something else I need to do, but it just does its thing without me even thinking about it.

I do miss the 3D-Touch app-switcher gesture on X. The left/right swipe of the home indicator is fine but not as convenient.

I’m very curious for the future. What will iPhone X2 look like? What will Apple take from X to the rest of their product line?

Well done to everyone at Apple who brought us iPhone X. It’s the future, and it’s crazy good.