I’ve been working on a big update to my weather app Partly Sunny for many months now, and it’s finally done and available on the App Store. This is the biggest Partly Sunny update yet bringing you more tools and more options to help you check your weather.


This update introduces the Partly Sunny Club. With a monthly or yearly subscription, you can unlock additional features: interactive radar, yesterday’s weather, time machine, more saved locations, and custom app icons & colors.


If you’re worried this will fundamentally change the app, worry not. All the functionality that was in the app will remain—and even expand! The subscription will include new functionality on top of what was already there.

Why the subscription? I have to purchase the weather data that is shown in the app, so every time the app is opened and the forecasts are refreshed or radar is shown, that costs me money. With the subscription, I hope to offer more features that use more data while ensuring the app doesn’t become too expensive for me to maintain and continue to improve.

Whether (weather?) or not you’re in the Partly Sunny Club, there are many more new things in this update. In addition to iPhone X support, on iPad, you can now use Partly Sunny with Slide Over and Split View.


The condition that displays with high and low temperatures in daily forecasts and the condition that displays below hourly graphs can now be customized.


If you’d prefer Dark Mode automation, it can now be toggled automatically based on your device’s screen brightness or your selected location’s sunrise and sunset times.


But wait; there’s more! Moonrise and moonset times can now be displayed in Day View. More reliable and more accurate automatic location naming. iMessage stickers. Keyboard shortcuts.


After having been working on this update for a while—and learning new things in the process—having it done and available on the App Store is a huge relief. Just in time for any shiny new iOS devices you may be receiving for the holidays.

You can grab the update or download the app on the App Store.