The End

Via /Film, here’s a holy-shit, fan-made trailer for the series finale of LOST tonight.

Sunspots of a Different Kind

Via Discovery News, French astrophotographer (how’s that for a job title) Thierry Legault snapped a photo of Space Shuttle Atlantis just before it docked with the International Space Station while they both traversed the sun.   Check out the full version here.


A World of Paint Chips

I saw this Sherwin Williams yesterday for the first time.   Very well done.

One Theme Changes Everything

At work, I recently heard the theme music for ESPN’s coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.   After listening to the music a few times, I’ve not been so impressed and so in love with a singular piece of music in a long time.   Composer Lisle Moore has created a remarkable piece of music which terrifically marries traditional Western orchestration with African-inspired rhythms and vocals to achieve a stunning and even uplifting result.

You can hear a tiny bit of the music toward the end of this video.   Although these few seconds don’t do any justice to the amazing music, it’s at least something until you can hear the full theme in a few weeks:

On a related note, here’s a very well done ESPN promo narrated by Bono for the World Cup.   One game changes everything.

Dude, That’s One Son of a Bitch, Brotha

Signature phrases by LOST characters.




Betty White is Awesome, cont.

Betty White was terrific last night on Saturday Night Live. Her “Delicious Dish” segment was on par with Alec Baldwin’s. “If it’s one thing I’m known for, it’s my muffin.”

And the Emmy Goes to…

Last Monday (26 April), I had the honor of attending the 31st Annual Sports Emmy Awards in New York City for the first time since I started working at ESPN two years ago.   I was nominated for two Emmys along with the graphics team for the SportsNation show.   As the phrase goes, it was an honor just to be nominated.

emmy awards

The awards were held in the Frederick P. Rose Theater. Our pre- and post-show receptions were held in the Time Warner Center overlooking Columbus Circle and Central Park:

emmy awards

The reception room:

emmy awards

For the category “Outstanding Graphic Design,” MLB Tonight won. But so did SportsNation (and the post-announcement video clip featured “Walk the Plank,” one of my touchscreen games!):

emmy awards

So now I’m an Emmy winner!

emmy awards

A terrific honor, for sure, and I’m proud to share the award with the rest of the SportsNation graphics team. I work with some very talented people.

Post-show reception over, waiting for the buses to return us to ESPN:

emmy awards

Congratulations to the entire SportsNation graphics team on the Emmy win!   And congratulations to all the other winners!

emmy awards

emmy awards

Sir Michael Caine on The Daily Show

I just watched Jon Stewart’s Sir Michael Caine interview from last Friday’s The Daily Show, and I thought the whole interview was delightful.   Michael Caine seems like a great person to have a conversation with, and the way and the length of time he directly talked with the audience was something very refreshing.   The interview is a nice, little end-of-the-day wind-down.   Enjoy:

A Galactic Odyssey Against Oppression

The original trailer for The Empire Strikes Back, featuring a voice-over from everyone’s favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder. What a treat. I want to see this movie now!

The Conception of Wine

School project of Tiago Cabaco:

(Nod: FlowingData)

The Morgan Freeman Chain of Command

This is old but still worth posting because Morgan Freeman is awesome.   This chart is just missing Lucius Fox.

morgan freeman chain of command

(Nod: Roger Ebert)

He’s There to View the Tapestries!

From the White House Flickr stream:

President Barack Obama admires a tapestry at Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic, April 8, 2010.


He went to view the tapestries! But he is neither a Scottish lord nor Mickey Mouse.

Just as long as he hasn’t gone and caught a sniffle.



Winners Bracket

On Saturday, ESPN Sports Saturday on ABC launched.   Included was a new show called Winners Bracket, created by the team behind the ESPN show SportsNation.   Winners Bracket is hosted by Michelle Beadle and Marcellus Wiley.

For both shows, I create the touchscreen games the anchors and guests play during the show.   On Saturday, I was on-hand for the launch and snapped some photos (I tweeted most of these on Saturday, but here are a few more).

Check out Winners Bracket on Saturdays at 5p ET on ABC!

winners bracket

The studio crew discussing their plan for the show:

winners bracket

Director Chris going over the shot list:

winners bracket

An hour before Winners Bracket launched, I was still making updates to the touchscreen game:

winners bracket

Director Chris doing his thing:

winners bracket

Michelle and Marcellus:

winners bracket

Playing the touchscreen game:

winners bracket

Marcellus fixing his earpiece:

winners bracket

Playing the touchscreen game with Jalen Rose:

winners bracket

Reaction shot with Alexi Lalas:

winners bracket

Jalen Rose watching the show:

winners bracket

The winner of the first-ever Winners Bracket was a Dwyane Wade dunk.   Marcellus and Mike Greenberg guessed correctly.   Michelle did not:

winners bracket

After the show, the entire crew gathered for some cake and celebration:

winners bracket

My souvenir from the launch:

winners bracket

Michelle wrote, “The Genius rules all. Michelle Beadle” Marcellus wrote, “The Genius BROTHER! M Wiley, Dat Dude 75.” My nickname amongst the SportsNation crew and others at ESPN is “Joey the Genius” or just “Genius” for short.

Being part of a team launching a new show is one of the best aspects of working in the television industry. Congrats to the entire Winners Bracket team for a successful launch and a great show!

Earth! Wind! Water!

When these powers combine… they’re gonna take pollution down to zero!

Well that’s the idea, at least, behind a recent study. From Wired:

A 1,550-mile-long network of offshore wind stations could provide power from Massachusetts to North Carolina with minimal threat of outages, according to a new study.

Scientists had considered offshore wind as a potentially limitless source of power. Compared to land, the ocean has stronger and more constant winds, though still not constant enough to be a primary energy supply. This study indicates that offshore wind deserves more serious consideration as an energy alternative.

“The technology’s there, the materials are there, we have the willpower to reduce carbon emissions, we have a reliable power supply that doesn’t lead to fuel shortage,” said Mark Jacobson, a civil and environmental engineer at Stanford University. “The next step is really to start implementing this on a large scale.”

There are currently no commercial offshore wind stations, though companies have started developing six wind farms along the east coast. Together, the developments could produce as much energy as a large coal or nuclear power plant.

These seems very promising.   Couple this with developing super-efficient solar panels, and, well, we might just make that green-haired captain proud.

Rhyme Time: LOST Edition

Sporcle Alert!   Can you name the LOST characters from these limericks?   User rockgolf, who created the quiz, must have spent a good amount of time writing these.

On The Island, a man without doubts
He and Jack had their share of fall-outs
He had only one kidney
When he flew off to Sydney
But he couldn’t go on Walkabouts

A killing machine on two legs
Shoots Ben’s girl tho she kneels down & begs
But his resume’s greater
Than the rest on the freighter
‘Cuz he whips up a mean batch of eggs.

100 Pixar Characters

A terrific infographic from Chilean graphic designer Juan Pablo Bravo charts the heights of 100 Pixar characters.   Very well done.


(Nod: /Film)

All the President’s Pens

From The White House:

Why do presidents use so many pens to sign legislation? White House Staff Secretary Lisa Brown explains.

AND!!!   Brown confirms my speculation back in December that Obama’s pens are left-handed pens!

(Nod: Nagle)

Policing for Profit

The Institute for Justice produced this nice motion graphics piece on “the abuse of civil asset forfeiture.”   The content is interesting, too.   From their site:

Civil forfeiture laws represent one of the most serious assaults on private property rights in the nation today. With civil forfeiture, police and prosecutors can seize your property and use it to fund their budgets all without charging you with a crime. Americans are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but with civil forfeiture, your property is guilty until you prove it innocent and law enforcement has a huge incentive to police for profit, not justice.

(Nod: The Daily Dish)

Bottomed Out?

Calculated Risk posted this job-losses chart on Friday (click for larger version):


Have we bottomed out?

(Nod: Chart Porn)

Story Time


TUAW tells the story of the iPad home screen image:

Richard Misrach had submitted 10 photos for Apple to consider for “wallpaper” some time ago, but they had all been rejected, he told Art Info. There was no mention of the iPad at the time, but they eventually called back to say yes, they’d like to use his “Pyramid Lake (at Night)” photo.

He describes the image as “…a long night exposure where the moon is lighting up the mountains in the distance. I shot it on an 8×10 camera, so the quality is really beautiful and you can see star trails going through the sky.”


The Difference 40 Years Make

Via The Daily Dish, here’s the “Internet” in 1969:

1969 technology, meet 2010 technology:

How do you like them Apples?

The last 50-ish years have been remarkable period of human achievement.   Look at the entire timeline of human existence and then look at the last 50 years or so.   At no time in human existence has technology not just electronic/computer technology advanced so rapidly and so robustly.   Truly remarkable.


The 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes:


Celestial tones or what the planets would sound like if they were a music box.

solar system music box

(Nod: Information Is Beautiful)

Say Cheese to New Packaging

Back in August, I mentioned I first saw the new Stop & Shop branding on the milk jugs and cartons.   In the post, I commented, “I hope this cohesion [of the new branding] is extended to their line of shredded cheese because it’s a mess.”   The cheese aisle in August:

stop and shop shredded cheese

Well finally this week, I noticed the new branding started creeping into the cheese packaging.

stop and shop cheese

stop and shop cheese

Great to see a more cohesive packaging in the Stop & Shop dairy aisle.   I’ll have more on Stop & Shop’s repackaging endeavor some other time.